Finally I remembered

03 November 2006

I keep forgetting that this is also one of my blog, so I finally write some stuff in this blog after what seems like an eternity. Ok I have finally come to a conclusion about the future of this blog. I am going to turn this blog into a bookmark blog, which will essentially contain information about all the sites I visit(except a few unmentionable ones). Will start writing about my favourite websites soon.


08 February 2006

Do you read books? Do you read lots of books? Can you be called a bookaholic or readaholic(as my friend called me). And also do you have a personal website or a blog? Also do you have no idea as to how to fill up your website or blog?

Why am i asking so many questions and what is the connection between reading and blogging? Well the answer to that is simple you wish to inform the world as to what you are reading then here is a simple solution

Well you can register yourself at this site and then all you have to do is search for the book you are reading and mark it as "consuming" or "consumed". Then it will give you a script which you can add to your site to let others know what you are reading. This is what i'm doing at present Not only that you can also give a RSS feed.

Puzzles to puzzle you

10 January 2006

Here are some cool links to puzzle your brain. Here is the first one the site can actually read your mind. You don't think so then go check it out.

Ok guys this is just for warmup i'll post even more interesting links when i find them, or in case you don't like to wait then go ahead and google.

New Begining

07 January 2006

A new year a new begining for my old blog. Yes folk finally I'm back in this blog too. Being worried about my other blogs, i totally forgot about this one and thanks for reminding rahul. And yes i'm back and that too with a bang and guys hows the new template? Its a original theme i did in record time that's one day. Hope you people like it. A happy new year to everyone and their family. Coming soon links that will make you want more...

Half Life Wallpapers

30 July 2005

Here is a collection of hundreds of half life game wallpapers

Some more signatures

22 July 2005

Well here are some more signature banners...

Signatures for Forums

17 June 2005

Here is a site for making signatures for forums etc.